Crystal Clear Glasses is simply the best way to clean your prescription, polarised sunglasses and all of your electronic screens, including computer monitors, phones, tablets, and TV screens.


Firstly, our unique product removes the daily grime and grease that makes you feel like you are living in a fog when wearing glasses.  It then polishes and shines your lenses to the point that you feel they are so crystal clear that there are no lenses in your glasses at all!


And the BEST part?


They stay crystal clear and clean for 2 weeks! YES, 2 weeks!

1. Dab a drop onto the front of your glasses lens or screen.


2. Spread evenly on both sides using your fingers.


3. Then with your special microfibre cloth, wax off, buffing your glasses lens until they are crystal clear!


For a FREE CLEAN, FREE SHINE demo, come and see us at our next market location!

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